Trump Slams Frum Reporter in Press Conference; Calls His Question ‘Insulting’

President Donald Trump shouted down an Orthodox-Jewish reporter at today’s White House press conference, after he began asking Trump about the rise of anti-Semitic incidents across the United States.

from Yeshiva World News:

Jake Turx, a Frum reporter covering the White House, was called on by President Trump at Thursday’s press conference.

Turx began asking Trump about the rise of anti-Semitic incidents across the United States.

“Bomb threats have been made against Jewish Centers all across the country the last couple of weeks….There are people who are committing anti-Semitic acts or threatening…”

At that point, Trump cut Turx off while he was asking the question and said “sit down, I know the rest of your question”.

When Turx tried to finish, Trump told him “Quiet, quiet”, and then called Turx a “liar”.

Trump ended his answer by calling his question “insulting”.

Turx has since tweeted “President Trump clearly misunderstood my question. This is highly regretful and I’m going to seek clarification. #TrumpNewsConference.


  • 2. Crazy! wrote:

    Remember when Trump was the best for the jews? ya, not really. Clearly unstable.

    • 3. RG wrote:

      Despite this, he’s still better than Obama ever was and better than the Clintons have ever been!

  • 4. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    I saw it. Very unclassy at the least–especially shouting at the lady reporters.

  • 5. Lone Jew wrote:

    Crown Heights.Info editors should not have hissy fits over dishonest fake news in a time when such concerns are very real. Feelings vs. Logic. The man clearly overstepped his boundaries. President Trump had every right to reprimand the reporter. The headline, alarming and highly offensive to the people who don’t share liberal leftists views. -“Frum Reporter Slammed”….Very disappointed.

    • 6. Rabbi Elli wrote:

      Are you serious? Did you watch the video? YOU voted this maniac into office.

  • 7. Brave New World wrote:

    So, anyone who disagrees with or questions the Trump administration is ‘fake news’. So, what’s ‘real news’ then, the inner circle of RNC yes men who line up at the feeding trough?

    This isn’t about liberal vs conservative, this is the future of the US at stake. The truth is the truth, and shouting down and denigrating opposing viewpoints hearkens back to the 1930’s and another country with a leader who shouted ‘us first’, and ‘fake news’…

  • 8. Idiotic question by reporter wrote:

    After yesterday’s discussion and Q&A with Bibi, the frum reporter was very insulting, and came across just wanting to be a good reporter.
    Mr. Trump hates that. Ask a question, any question, that you want a real honest answer to, not to be a political reporter.
    Mr. Trump actually emphasized (leCaf zchus) that he is just like any reporter – looking to ask a question -.
    What a shame. We all vote for Trump and then have a reporter make us look bad.

  • 9. Trump is Right wrote:

    Trump has a Jewish daughter and son in law, both of whom he shows great respect to. Why is this non-question being asked?

  • 12. mendoza wrote:

    the reporter did not know how to simplify his question , that is what annoyed trump

  • 13. moshe der g wrote:

    i am sorry
    he had a very bad question

    and he should apologize to trump

    you cant start a question saying for example
    i am not a racist but why do african americans ,,,,

    sorry he has to learn how to ask questions …

  • 14. wow is also fake news? wrote:

    wow wow wow. obviously Donald Trump misunderstood what this reporter was asking. he may have thought that he was attacking him. he misunderstood. is it that simple.
    hopefully will change their headlines .
    thank you, g-d bless!

  • 15. What wrote:

    Trump is very pro Israel and really likes the Jewish people. He takes these false accusations and inuendoes about him being anti- semitic very seriously.
    He will not let this Frum punk Jewish reporter make him look bad in front of the press and the nation.
    These anti-semitic incidents have nothing to do with Trump. Youi can tell Trump is upset by this question and he let him have it.
    Go Trump.

  • 16. Trump is a mad liar wrote:

    Trump: Fake News!
    Trump: Leaks!
    But it can’t be both fake news and leaks at the same time.

  • 17. it seems to me wrote:

    The question needs to be taken into context, it seemed that the purpose of Trumps surprise press conference was solely to bash the media, as is clearly seen by watching the conference, almost every questionnaire was responded with toughness roughness and SLAMED. That being said, in continuation to yesterday’s conference with Bibi (as trump made reference in his answer) the question was redundant and instigating, and was therefore received with roughness.

  • 18. Stupid question wrote:

    Aha, so once you criticize a frum reporter you are a “maniac”, “unstable”, and a anti Semite. This is ridiculous. If he did this to CNN would be having a massive hissy fit as well??? The reporter asked his question horribly and seemed to be implying that President Trump is essentially condoning such behavior, and is a islamaphobe, anti Semite, and a racist. While he probably didn’t mean it that way, the amount of questions President Trump gets from the MSM implying such, you absolutely cannot blame him for not being interested in taking a question that seemed to be headed in the same direction. The way the MSM and left are lighting their hair on fire for every little thing that happens is getting a little insane. It’s so ironic when you remember the left saying that Trump potentially not accepting the election results was “unconstitutional” and the importance of the “peaceful transfer of power” the double standard of the left continues…

  • 19. Trump is a mad liar wrote:

    Fact is that it’s Trump’s fault.
    Many Trump voters are openly anti-Semitic and now feel empowered.

    • 20. Richard Roe wrote:

      And so are many anti-Trump voters. Waiting on you to call them out too…


  • 21. Georgia Jewish Proud wrote:

    President Trump is a fine man. He is very pro-Israel and he is pro-Jewish. If he made an error he will apologize and correct it. He is not, and has never been, anti-Semitic. He is a very good man trying to do a very difficult job and he will be successful. We, Jewish people, must show him our affection and our support. May G-d Bless him and his family.

  • 22. CHT wrote:

    It was not because of anti-antisemitism. Watch, Trump was looking for one last reporter to be friendly – AND SELECTED HASSIDIC LOOKING PERSON BECAUSE IT SEEMED TO HIM SO. Even if in such situation he would select a provocative or hard questioning reporter, he/she would have friendly question simply because it was asked of the last reporter. This reporter not only did not do that, he betrayed the trust of his looks. Hilul Hashem.

  • 24. Dovid wrote:

    Turn asked stupid question he is a novice as its obvious questions should be simple and to the point and relevant..

  • 25. Newbie Journalist wrote:

    Long winded question in a room full of reporters. A simple question that can be answered simply. It was answered, and answered directly. I take no offense and people are OVER REACTING. Politics is NOT about EMOTIONS, it is about GETTING THINGS DONE>

  • 26. it's a twa way street .... wrote:

    I saw it live and the reporter was confusing, lengthy and a bit weird and unclear in his expressions ( I do realize he and all reporters generally want to get in as much as possible etc ESPECIALLY not to say the least with Trump and more so Trump being Trump today …)

    so all in all a lot of misunderstanding as Trump tool it he was attacking him – but it really wasn’t the case …

  • 28. Anonymous wrote:

    The reporter started by saying he does not accuse Trump, but wants to know what he has to say about the uptick of antisemitic acts since his election.

    Did you see how Trump was not listening and talking over everyone before this man? He clearly felt he had to make it clear he was not against Trump, and then get to the question.

    Clearly Trump is unable to listen objectively, or answer objectively. His character is not careful with words, he is careless and only backs himself up and uses his power to shut others up.

    I think a lot of things he shows are a red flag and sign of hasty decision making, appearance based as opposed to fact and substance decisions.

    Trump is confusing and I think no matter how confusing this reporter’s question may have seemed, the way he told him that his question had to be *easy* and then reprimanded him for it not being *easy* was ridiculous.

    He has to realize being president is about listening to both difficult and “easy” questions. Leadership is not black and white, republican democrat. Leadership is a character trait that is developed and refined in the appropriate situations.

    I think this press conference could have been handled in a more balanced and polite way.

  • 29. Ask about Rubashkin wrote:

    Instead of trying to make headlines, you should’ve asked trump about Shalom Rubashkin… shame on a lost opportunity… 😥

  • 32. what a misunderstanding wrote:

    Turx wasn’t accusing trump of being anti-sametic, he was asking him what he was gong to do to stop anti-sematism.

  • 33. Worried in Wisconsin wrote:

    Trump may not be antisemitic himself. He may have Jewish family and be pro Israel.

    The sad truth, however, is that he has chosen to surround himself with people who support the white supremacy movement and have given them a voice. I’ve lived through their hatred in the 80s in Texas when they attempted to put poison in the a/c unit at a synagogue Hebrew school. I lived through it when they shot through the doors of our shul and left bullet holes in the school doors. It’s frightening for this to be on the rise again.

    We must demand that Trump and all of our representatives take positive steps to stop this and to stop this now. We cannot put the blame on how the reporter asked the question. The truth is Trump refused to answer the question the day before, and he refused to answer it again. I don’t want to hear him brag one more time about his big league win. I want to hear him denounce the violence and tell that portion of his supporters to sit down and behave.

    Love or hate Trump as you will, but there are people out there who want to do us harm. There are a growing number of incidents against us. Closing our eyes to the danger will not make it stop. Unless Trump stands up and takes positive steps to stop the uptick in anti-Semitic incidents I consider him part of the problem. He’s in charge now and I expect him to take action.

  • 36. Worried in Wisconsin wrote:

    Let’s start with one of Pres. Trump’s most trusted advisors, Steve Bannon.

    Mr. Bannon (until he joined the Trump campaign) led a website known as He is quoted as having said in an interview that this website was a platform for the alt-right.

    An article on this website, attempting to define the alt-right for the rest of us, stated, “…The alt-right’s intellectuals would also argue that culture is inseparable from race. The alt-right believe that some degree of separation between peoples is necessary for a culture to be preserved…”

    You decide.

    • 37. Bannon wrote:

      Ok, I keep on hearing that same story about Bannon, I’ve never never seen any concrete proof of him being anti Semitic. And actually, Ben Shapiro, who is a frum Jew who worked at Breitbart and quit and hates Mr. Bannon, was asked if he’s a anti Semite being that he knows him very well being his employee for quite a while, and he said he has absolutely no reason to think that Mr. Bannon is a anti Semite, and you have no proof to that either. So besides for that, you said “let’s start with” so do you have anyone else????


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