Menorah Shines Bright in Amsterdam’s Dam Square

Hundreds of people came from all over The Netherlands to unite and celebrate Chanukah on the most famous square in Holland, Dam Square, located in front of the Dutch Royal Palace in Amsterdam.

It was a beautiful and inspiring scene to see hundreds being able to show their Jewish pride, sing and dance together, and enjoy the warm Chanukah atmosphere.

Deputy Israeli ambassador Gideon Lustig spoke very warmly about the triumph of the Maccabees and the beauty and importance of uniting and celebrating together with so many outside on the Dam Square. He was also given the honor to light the menorah.

Famous Dutch comedian Javier Guzman was honored with lighting the shamash, and wished the crowd a chanuka sameach.

Shliach Menachem Evers spoke about the lesson of the lights, that by lightning a candle from another candle the first one will stay strong and bright, so too with our spiritual life, the more good deeds we do we become stronger and we can drive away a lot of darkness.

A lot of people said that this beautiful event was very special, touching and emotional. “The fact that we can publicly be proud in Europe for what we are gives courage and strength,” said one attendee.

Photos by Dirk Spits and Daniel Goudsmit 

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