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Young Shliach Covers Matisyahu’s ‘Miracle’

Chezky Pinson, a young Shliach from Pasadena, California, covers Matisyahu‘s Chanukah hit – ‘Miracle.’


  • 1. Sholom wrote:

    I know I am about to open a Pandora box but is Mattisyahu one who we want our children to look up to.
    Yes the message can be correct but perhaps receive that same message from one who lives according to the message

    • 2. Slowly commentors are realizing wrote:

      that we don’t have to cheer everything posted and we can and must state our truth, the way The Rebbe teaches us.

    • 3. I'm a Jew and I'm proud. wrote:

      Thanks for saying what we need to realize. Chanukah is upon us. We should, no, we must, internalize it’s message of rejecting assimilation and cleaving to authentic Yiddishkeit.
      Enough with goyishe music, literature, fashion.
      Lets be proud Jews once again, instead of being imitators.

  • 6. Also agree with #1 wrote:

    I was hoping someone would comment on the source of the song. Although a Jew, M’s music is not music I would want in my home regardless of who the singer might be. B’H there are many other singers who model the chassidishe values we aim to uphold, let’s sing their songs instead…
    A freilechen Chanukah

  • 8. better idea wrote:

    God thing he covered this one instead of Matisyahu’s other chanukah singles, Happy Hanukkah and Outside of December, there would be a far larger outcry….


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