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Video: 1,200 Jewish Students Sing Havdalah Together

The over 1,200 Jewish students who spent an uplifting Shabbos in Crown Heights as part of the annual Chabad on Campus ‘JewFest’ Shabbaton ended off the inspiring day with a Havdalah ceremony in the Oholei Torah ballroom, followed by a lively concert.


  • 1. Kol hakovod wrote:

    To the,shluchim,
    Kol Hakovod
    You don’t stop
    With dedication and endless devotion you persevere
    Never a moment rest
    Always there for your students
    You are their support
    You are their psychologists, friends,surrogate parents
    Advisors, teachers, and lamplighters
    You are the shoulder to lean on, and the home away from home
    You don’t judge, you welcome and love
    And reach out to touch their souls
    That is the reason thousands are dancing today


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