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Video: Clinton? Trump? Neither?

Following his visit to 770 on Thursday, Israeli journalist and television personality Atilla Somfalvi interviewed several Crown Heights residents on whom they plan to vote for in the upcoming presidential election.

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  • 1. Mom wrote:

    Can someone post suggestions of who we should vote for other than the president? I looked at the other people on the ballot and know nothing about them. I will probably vote straight republican but I really want the best person for the job and Donald Duck isn’t running.

  • 2. B"H wrote:

    common how can you endors Clinton (she is for gay marriage and abortion)

    I am embarrassed by your behavior.

  • 5. uninformed wrote:

    Very Scary.

    Is this a fair sampling of how uninformed men are in Crown Heights?

    I am glad Ivanka went to Daven at the Ohel. I pray that Hashem answers her prayers.

  • 9. Judith wrote:

    Hillary is continuation of Obama. He was bad to Israel and bad for U.s. he empowered Isis in the Middle East. We need a strong America and strong Israel . The only choice is Trump!!!!

  • 10. Pidyon wrote:

    Who is more likely to get Sholom Mordechai out?
    if you know anything… its Trump.

    so please don’t get side tracked and miss this opportunity
    (of even a small chance) to do PIDYON SHVUIM!

    Throughout our bitter Gallus, Yiddin gave everything away
    just for a chance of pidyon shvuim.

    If only for Sholom Mordechai, Please vote Trump!

  • 12. Jews should vote for Trump! wrote:

    Hillary is pro everything and everyone who is against Hashem – LGBT, illegal and unworthy immigrants who come here only to live off of our hard earned money, with no desire to ever contribute, except for providing terror!!. She loves the enemies of Israel, even though they are the enemies of the US and Europe too.
    Vote for Trump. He wants to bring back honest work ethic, civility and a safe environment

  • 13. Make America great again wrote:

    The guy who is voting independent, how dumb
    Ur wasting ur vote!!

  • 17. to #8 wrote:

    I agree with you. Especially the one voting for clinton..He trusts her?! wow… not sure what planet he living on.

  • 18. shocked wrote:

    do i believe my eyes? is this the rebbes shcuna, kan tziva hashem es habracha? has the thecnology realy goten pepole so far in the shmutz? yiden should not be voting!!!!!!!!!!! this video was taken right in front of the rebbes presence 770 you think the rebbe was sheping nachas to see his chasidim voting? ribono shel olam WAHT WILL BE WITH YOUR CHILDREN THEY HAVE WAYTO FAR OFF THE DERECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 20. Concerned Mother wrote:

    I worry for my children if Donald J. Trump sheyichye doesn’t win. How will we survive, what will be with us?? He is the only one who can save us, and make America great again. He will protect the Torah and klal yisroel. But what if she wins? She will make America even less great. Hillary is filthy and her husband is too, they are against the Torah. remember when she kissed Suha Arafat? These young men are too young to remember that. She kissed her right after Arafat spoke against Eretz Yisroel. Ad Mosai Ad Mosai Ad Mosai!!!!

  • 21. Um wrote:

    Can I ask why on earth so many of you hate the LGBT community? I get the whole Adam and Chava thing but can’t we just understand that if someone is LGBT that they really aren’t going against God? I’m saying that I have relatives and friends who are gay and they don’t want to be able to get married to spite others. They want to do it because they love their significant other and they want someone to grow old with. Shouldn’t everybody have that chance? They’re good people too. They do lots of charity work and are generally good people. Can’t we just let them be happy and not have them be afraid of the world hating and judging them? We’re supposed to be a light unto the nations. Shouldn’t a big part of that be support for your fellow man? Especially your fellow Jew? It just makes me so sad to see so much judgement against a group I’m assuming you know nothing about.

    • 22. B"H wrote:

      light unto the nations to enlighten them to what recently became dark, that male to male intercourse is a forbidden behavior,

    • 23. Ezra wrote:

      Who said anything about hate, besides you? Projection much?

      Now, look. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg, as Abraham Lincoln put it. Likewise, calling a relationship between two men or between two women a marriage doesn’t make it one. Let them call it whatever they want, but they have no business dictating to others what to call it (let alone forcing them to recognize it).

      As for “shouldn’t everybody have that chance?” Let’s put it this way: we say that an LGBTQ+ person can’t marry the one they love? Fine, neither (halachically) can a Jew who is in love with a non-Jew; neither (halachically or legally) can a person who is in love with their close relative; and so forth. Marriage is supposed to be about a man and woman bringing G-d into their relationship, not about convenience or growing old with someone or what have you.

    • 24. B"H wrote:

      thank you Ezra, but in more simple (and forgotten) terms, marriage simply is the way for a man/boy and a woman/girl to have relations in a proper and legal way,

  • 25. Trump is better for Israel wrote:

    Trump is better for Israel. Democrats give more entitlements to poor americans.

    Lets hope Israel is more important.

  • 27. @14 Jews should vote for Trump! wrote:

    CV”S the Dumbocrat wins, at least her total votes will be 1 less – because I voted for Trump. If you vote for Trump too, it will be 2 votes less, and if all the independents vote Trump, her total votes will be even less.
    G-d can do EVERYTHING, even making a dumbocrat who has cast her spell on the FBI, lose the election.
    Hillary for Jail in 2016.
    Trump to the White house, and Rubashkin back to his house!

  • 28. glad wrote:

    when I listened to the three guys I was saddened
    but now that I read the comments I see the majority of the comments are from thinking people.

    Hillary is a cancer…. she will kill and has been killing anyone who gets in her way,.
    She does not know what the word “truth” is..
    she is dangerous .. bad for the US
    bad for Eretz Hakodesh and let’s hope that Tuesday night we find out the the world is not brain dead after all. .

  • 29. Moishe Pipek wrote:

    Crown Heights can not vote for Trump because Rebetzin Ivanka is pro EIRUV

  • 32. Shimon wrote:

    As everyone knows the presidential election in New York always goes Democrat. The local vote is much more important. We have no say because we don’t vote as a block or we don’t vote at all. Can we hear opinions from people who consider themselves community leaders about who to vote for locally and why?


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