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Video: Lubavitcher Throws First Pitch

In what could be the most historic baseball game in decades, a Lubavitcher Chosid, Rabbi Daniel Eleff of, threw out the ceremonial first pitch at game seven of the 2016 World Series in Cleveland, Ohio, with flying Tzitzis.

Eleff, a credit card points and travel deals expert, has amassed millions of miles and credit card points from sign-up bonuses over the years, and that is how he managed to be the highest bidder for a Starwoods Hotel competition that auctioned off the opportunity to throw out the ceremonial pitch at the 2016 World Series. The historic opportunity cost him over 1 million Starpoints. Each Starpoint has the value of at least 2 cents per point- which makes this a total value of over $20,000 that he could have used on free trips or hotels.

The Chicago Cubs went on to win the game, ending a record 108-year drought and making baseball history.


  • 1. interesting wrote:

    he could of given over 100 shluchim free flights for the kinus with those miles…..

    • 2. reply wrote:

      the info he gave the shluchim a few years ago enabled them to fly for free for the next 50 years

      feed the man a fish… teach him how to fish…..

  • 3. CH Resident wrote:

    Dan’s Deals are Great and Amazing
    Looked good in his tzitis but
    Maybe he should had practiced a little more.


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