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Video: How to Braid Round Challahs

Just in time for Rosh Hashanah, renowned cooking expert Leah Schapira shares three easy techniques on how to braid a round challah.

Learn how to braid a six and four strand challah, as well as challah rolls. Give it a try, and pause as needed until you get the hang of it.

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  • 2. Other family members allergic wrote:

    This is why multiple family members get allergies, since one person is allergic no one else can get nuts or eggs.
    It is important for the spouse that is not allergic to take out the other children young and give them nuts and eggs

  • 3. rueven wrote:

    when you put a video you must edit it before. The egg for the egg wash was not checked. All eggs must be checked.

  • 4. Spiral is the tradition, not just "round" wrote:

    Round is nice, but the tradition has been to make a spiral (not braided) challah for Rosh Hashanah, to indicate the cycle of life and growth as we move from one year to the next, in which we are to move ever upward, creating a (spiritual) spiral upward..

    But I’ll save the braiding instructions in case I want to make round (instead of long) braided challahs for a Shabbos sometime.

    Braided dough is more connected with Shabbos not with any Yom Tov. There are several explanations, one of which is: four loaves on Shabbos (two loaves for each of two seudos), with each loaf having three strands braided, equals 12, for the 12 lechem hapanim on the shulchan.


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