Video: Vizhnitzer Rebbe Dances with Frankfurt Shliach

On his way to vacation in Switzerland, the Rebbe of Vizhnitz visited the Great Synagogue of Frankfurt, Germany, which is home to a Chabad Yeshiva, led by Rabbi Yerachmiel Havlin.

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe led a brief ‘Tisch’ for the students of the Yeshiva and the chassidim that were accompanying him, during which he uttered many words of praise for the vital work done by the Shluchim of the Lubavitcher Rebbe all over the world.

When he finished speaking, the Vizhnitzer took the hands of Rabbi Havlin and began to dance to the lively Niggun ‘Aimosai Ko’osi Mar.’


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    This is Reb Mendel Hager, son of the previous Viznitzer Rebbe, they both get along, Reb Yisroel has his followers & Reb Mendel has his, B”H No issues, they both have shuls in Bnei Brak & other cities in The Holy Land