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Video: Israeli Flag Set on Fire Outside DNC

Protesters have set an Israeli flag on fire and chanted “long live the intifada” outside of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.


  • 1. Leo de Toot wrote:

    And that’s why we shouldn’t vote for left-wing liberal candidates i.e., most Democrats …

  • 2. Let It Burn wrote:

    I have no problems with their burning an Israeli flag. We need Moshiach, not a secular government.

    • 3. Let it burn? wrote:

      are you blind? they don’t see the difference between secular Israelis and frum Jews. This is a manifest of today’s antisemitism. Perhaps you should learn to love all Jews in unity as much as they hate us all equally.

      And please don’t mention Moshiach in your pathetic post. Your attitude is the antithesis of Geulah.

  • 5. To 1 wrote:

    Your logic is very flawed. The people burning the Israeli flag are leftist protesters who are protesting Hillary and the DNC. By your logic we shouldn’t have voted for Bush because at the 2004 Republican convention there were similar protests. In fact last week there were Palestinian flags waved from protesters to the RNC.


    They want SUPERIORITY!
    That’s what my father, A”H, said back in the 70’s, when the liberal agenda (women’s rights, black rights) was continuing to radicalize. Now, we see unrefutable evidence of that.

    Was my father (though secular) a Prophet? No, not even Ruach Hakodesh. But, you did not need that, in order to see the truth about what their evil agenda really was.

  • 7. Shmuel Dovid wrote:

    Is it against halacha to vote for America’s best interest and not Israel? I know we should worry about eretz yisroel but people in our community need housihousing and more government programs to live a better life. So I’m conflicted Between Two Worlds.

    • 8. Sheva mitzvos wrote:

      Vote for Hashem’s best interests, not America’s, Israel’s or any other’s

  • 9. Chabad for Hillary (formerly Chabad for Bernie) wrote:

    They Burned it OUTSIDE the convention and your (whoever wrote this post) insinuation, that somehow Democrats are burning the flag is false.
    Hilary will be better for Israel than Obama. She voted for Iraq 2 and is accused by the left as being a hawk on national security.

    Trump is nuts. Jut wait for the debates. This election will be a landslide and the democrats will also sweep the house in November.

  • 10. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    Yikes! That wasn’t shown on television coverage of the convention but they showed a guy who set his pants on fire, for who knows what crazy reason, in the middle of a huge crowd–I’m thankful he didn’t take off his pants. Both should be arrested for deliberately starting fires–it could have gotten out of hand and people could have been injured. Freedom of speech is fine but not when it comes to fires.

  • 11. #5 wrote:

    but gov’t programs are only going to make people more dependent on social services. that implies alot and is not recommended.


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