Artists Perform Song in Memory of Teens Slain in Israel

Today marks two years since the kidnapping and brutal murder of three Israeli teenagers, Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Frankel by Palestinian terrorists. Marking this somber anniversary, six artists performed a heart-rending song based on the victims’ names.

Exactly two years ago, three Israeli teenagers, Eyal Yifrach, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Frankel, 16, were kidnapped and their bodies were found 18 days later in a horrific incident which unified the nation and drew outrage around the world.

Today, six artists released a song in their memory. With lyrics based on the names of the victims, the song calls for comfort and peace.

Posted on his Facebook page, Avraham Fried wrote “we remember well how their passing brought us together as a people, with love and unity, and their parents continue to shine and share their holy light that inspires us till this very day.

“’Open Your heart with mercy for Your children, let their voices be heard for generations to come, in the heavens Your words are everlasting, and here on earth grant us comfort and consolation,’” he concluded.

The beautiful, stirring song was composed by David D’aor Keinon and Shlomo Ilan. It is sung by David and Kobi Aflalo, David Broza, Yonatan Razel, Yishai Ribo and Avraham Fried. It was written in the teens’ memory in the hopes that it would be a stage to bring to unity in the Jewish nation.


  • 1. Ploii wrote:

    Everyone is speaking about the shooting in Orlando but forgot about the shooting in Tel-Aviv

  • 3. Moshe Eliyahu wrote:

    A song is nice, however nothing beats learning a Sugia in Gemara with Rishonim 4 Neshamos, or saying over a pilpul then saying the Kadish D’Rabanan. When it comes 2 a yartzeit it’s the learning that is the main thing, that’s what elevates the Neshama. Thank u

  • 4. To #3 wrote:

    In addition 2 learning a Sugia with Reshonim & saying over a pilpul 4 a Yartzeit, is making a siyum, when u finish a Mesechta & try 2 learn it with Tosfos then on the day of the Yartzeit, ur finishing that learning that was learnt for that Neshama, & that is 1 of the best or maybe the best way of elevating the Neshama. That’s the frum tradition of observing a Yartzeit. Again I agree with #3 that truly “Nothing beats learning for a Yartzeit” especially finishing a Mesechta in Shas !!

  • 5. Yitzchak Mordechai wrote:

    A song is nice, but I have to agree with comments #3 & 4 the learning is the main thing, that’s what u do on a Yartzeit, it’s very nice that they made this song, but how about all those who made this song, sit together & learn a sugia, that will make a much bigger difference 4 the Neshamos, so yes it’s time 2 open those Gemaras & start learning with hasmada & shkida !!

  • 6. Shimon Binyamin wrote:

    As far as I remember their Yartzeit was in Tammuz, are you sure it was really in Sivan, bec I remember it being a couple of days before Gimmel Tamuz, so maybe this is the English date, not the Hebrew.

  • 7. Moshe Yosef wrote:

    Correction, just 2 find out when their real yartzeit was, I did a search & found out that their Yartzeit, acc 2 when the world found out that they were murdered was the 2nd of Tamuz, which 2 years ago was June 30, I searched 1 of their names on CH info & over there it says June 30 2014 & look up the Hebrew date for that & that was the 2nd of Tamuz, so if this is the case, why are you guys saying that it was yesterday the 15th of Sivan, when it really happened 17 days later on Bais Tamuz ? Thank u

  • 8. Zev Tzvi wrote:

    I don’t get what’s with the singing, you don’t elevate the soul through a song that u composed @ a recording studio, it’s done in the Bais Medrash through learning a Sugia in Gemara like comments #3, 4 & 5, It’s not about making up a song, however much energy they used 2 make the song that’s how much energy should be using in learning a Sugia in Gemara to elevate their souls. That’s the real way 2 do it.

  • 9. song isn't new. Oz V'Gaon wrote:

    #3, 4, and 5 should all get together, learn and make a siyum. This song was written in their memory. Not in honor of their yartzeit. Here in Israel the song is quite popular and has been since it was released quite a while ago. Yehi zichrom Baruch.
    Come to Oz V’Gaon – a national park established in their memories on Friday July 1. There will be a memorial and family events – with the parents of all 3 boys.

  • 10. Sara wrote:

    Music is the “voice” of the soul.
    Yes, you are correct, learning would be the way to elevate their neshamot, BUT.
    Not everyone is inspired when they learn nor can everyone learn.

    When the music stirs the soul, much can be accomplished that way too.
    Would a person who cannot learn, they do a kind act from feeling inspired, is that less of an elevation in honor of the neshama?
    Is the Mitzva done in their honor any less valuable than the learning?

    “To each his own” you learn, others will act on their inspiration.


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