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Weekly Living Torah: Torah 101

Beyond just commemorating the original event, each year on Shavuos we receive the Torah anew. This new spiritual energy, whether consciously felt or not, brings us new powers and abilities to achieve even more than in the past.

In this week’s Living Torah, themed around Shavuos, JEM presents a beautiful Sicha on the power of Torah and its learning.

Unlike the Written Torah, when studying the Oral Torah, a person has not fulfilled his obligation of Torah study unless he understands what is being learnt. Nevertheless, exceptions are made for those that aren’t capable of understanding for reasons beyond their control.

This implies that there is something gained regardless of the level of one’s comprehension or background. In fact, the only prerequisite for Torah study is the correct mindset.

“Kabolas Hatorah Besimcha Ubipnimiyus” – May you merit to receive the Torah joyfully and inwardly.

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