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Video: Lipa Fulfills His Promise to President Obama

At a Chanukah party in the White House earlier this year, Chasidic singing star Lipa Schmeltzer promised president Barrack Obama to send him and the first lady each a gold and silver yarmulke. Recently, he returned to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to fulfill his promise.


  • 1. Hashem Yishmor wrote:

    He dyed his peyos… Nebach for this tortured soul…

  • 4. well then wrote:

    what a nutcase.
    what is a kiddush hashem about sending yarmulkas to goyim? Sorry, i think i missed your boat of nonsense.

    who even thinks of such ridiculous ideas? go waste your money on other junk, like glasses that have different shapes. real cool, jewish gaga.

    get a life.

  • 5. rachmanus wrote:

    This poor guy is in desparate need of attention. The contrast between him going to the president, and the Chabad delegation that went last April is incomparable! Lubavitchers go in, proud to be representing the Rebbe, and making a TRUE kiddush Hashem. Does he really believe that calling himself the Jewish Lady Gaga, and bringing a Yarmulka to a shikse, is a Kiddush Hashem, he is mistaken

  • 6. Osher wrote:

    He was a Chazan in NJ last Shabbos. I was told he dovend @ a Chabad shul…..

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    I don’t understand him or his fans, or why “lubavitch” loves him.

  • 11. mmh CT wrote:

    nebach: dyed peyos, look what being “Jewish lady gaga” does to you.

  • 12. Love lipa but.... wrote:

    I don’t get the idea of having goyim wear kippahs? I get that they do it out of respect, but I’d never ask a non Jew to put on a kippa, like I would not wear a cross if I met the Pope?! Waste of time, it’s meaningless. How about promoting kippa to Jews, that’s a crazy idea

  • 13. Lipa fan in Israel wrote:

    Is he nuts? Not what I would expect from Lipa. Feh.

  • 14. most of these comments wrote:

    are sickening! No I don’t approve of dyed Peyos or giving a Yarmulka to a woman – although it was surely symbolistic, but
    think deeply where your critical comments are coming from!
    Let him live and continue making people happy and doing Chessed with the good heart and talents he was given.

  • 15. American Jew wrote:

    Not all lubavitchers love him or even like him. And bringing anything , especially of a religious nature to a soineh Yisroel is totally crazy! If he is so desperate for attention let lipa rent himself a cage in a zoo and he’ll get plenty attention from millions of viewers


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