Photo: JEM

Video: Lag B’omer Throughout the Years

As Lag Ba’omer approaches, we’re reminded of the precious opportunity we had to witness such glory as the great parades with the Rebbe in times past.

With jam packed crowds surrounding, the Rebbe would partake in these momentous occasions with love and care for each and every child.

Throughout the years, the Rebbe attended a total of Thirteen Lag B’omer Parades. In this beautiful video, JEM presents a slideshow of Lag B’omer throughout the years, set to a moving musical arrangement of a vintage Chassidic Niggun.

The video is part of a larger gallery on YouTube, featuring clips of the Rebbe at Lag Ba’omer parades throughout the years.


  • mario mendoza

    very nice ! and lots of hard work to put it together !
    thank very much !!!
    but why not in order of the years ??

  • Friend!

    Memories…..I began to attend these marvelous parades when I was six. It was simple – play in a field, a little salami sandwich and some drink.

    But I remember and will never forget standing listening to the Rebbe (I didn’t understand Yiddish all that well- but it didn’t matter) and passing by the Rebbe smiling and waving at the children – and we did the same.

    “The Rebbe loves all children,. Look how he smiles – with his eyes” words in my head.

    The parades and bonfires of today all over the world, I am surer, make the Rebbe’s smile broader.