Watch Live: Lag Ba’omer Celebrations in Meron

Watch the joyous celebrations of Lag Ba’omer, the Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, streamed live from his Kever in Meron, Israel.


  • Moshe Eliyahu

    Thank u CH info, 4 letting those who couldn’t make it 2 Meron 4 whatever reason, at least they could watch live through ur broadcast & be part of this Gr8 Simcha of Lag B’Omer. Thank u

  • Yitzchak Mordechai

    Thank u for sharing “Meron Live” with those who couldn’t make it, we really appreciate it !! Thank u

  • To comment #3

    Y not ? Did u watch most of the video ? What is Meron 2 u ? Have u been there on Lag B’Omer ?