Large Jewish Family Saved by Carbon Monoxide Alarm

More than a dozen members of a Jewish family were hospitalized for carbon monoxide exposure over the first days of Pesach in New Rochelle, a suburb of New York City near the Bronx. The family had a working carbon monoxide detector, which alerted them to the danger and almost certainly saved their lives.

From the Associated Press:

Family members say 24 people were sleeping in the New Rochelle home when the alarm sounded around 4:30 a.m. Saturday. Four generations of extended family had gone to sleep about three hours prior to the alarm that sent firefighters and EMTs to the home.

Officials say the family had elevated levels of carbon monoxide and at least 14 were hospitalized.

Family members say all of the victims have been released from the hospital and the source of the carbon monoxide release was found to be an oven.

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  • Nonna DL

    Baruch Hashem the home had the detectors! May Hashem grant them all long lives and Besoros Tovos.