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Video: Purim 5776 in Crown Heights

CJ Studios sent a filming crew to the streets of Crown Heights on Purim day to capture the sights, sounds and spirit of the joyous holiday.


  • 2. nu fe wrote:

    its embarrassing that this ois the way purim is celebrated in the rebbes shchuna!!!

  • 4. Bushe!!!! wrote:

    Bushe vecherpe to the pritzus, and the way purim is shown on this video, makes me want to brech, where is the chassiddishkeit? Lubavitch wake up! What a chilul lubavitch this is

  • 5. It's great to see the purim spirits, but.... wrote:

    While it’s nice to see the Jewish unity and the happy purim vibes, I really do NOT appreciate this video. I don’t like to be the guy that criticizes others, but CH needs to raise the bar when it comes to ztniuse. It’s embarrassing….

  • 6. Flatbush wrote:

    True, it was Purim, but not every costume and banter were in the best of taste. Surely, there were many Purim/fun videos more in the true spirit.

  • 7. bittersweet wrote:

    not all very appropriate
    should be simcha in all the right ways and for all the right reasons
    Hashem should have rachmonus on us all
    moshiach now!!!!


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