Family of Gilad Shalit Calls Hamas Video ‘Distorted’

Mere hours after Hamas released a video of former kidnapping victim, IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, seemingly enjoying his time spent while in captivity, his family released a statement calling the clip a “distorted picture” of his ordeal.

The Hamas clip, which shows the former captive participating in a barbecue with his captors, was derided by the Shalit family over its attempt to diminish Gilad’s pain and suffering during his five-and-one-half years in captivity.

“The miscreants who were the captors of the soldier Gilad Shalit are using all means to present a distorted picture,” said the family, adding that the clip “does not reflect in any way five and a half years of captivity, loneliness and a daily fear in the struggle for survival.”


  • 1. Brainwashed wrote:

    Unfortunately, they may have brainwashed him with their radical indoctrination, releasing him after being confident that he was firmly brainwashed…

    Its not like he had a strong education in Jewish philosophy, or a passion for Torah before being taken captive…

    • 2. Anonymous wrote:

      Are you kidding me ?!
      Do you want to ( Chas Visholom ) get kidnapped by Arabs?
      He was brainwashed, and it’s sad , but you are gonna start criticizing his education and start bringing out the negetive ? Like come on . Have a little more respect .

  • 4. ..... wrote:

    umm, he looks starved. thats such a load of BS to say hes enjoying himself…holy crud

  • 5. Brainwashed wrote:

    Hey, relax… I was not criticizing his education, or rather the lack of thereof, but was rather lamenting the fact that his kidnappers had an easier time brainwashing him with Islamic indoctrination, due to the fact that he has not received a solid Jewish education.

    My point was not to “bring out the negative”, as your point apparently IS.

  • 6. @ #1 wrote:

    During the Holocaust, Nazi Germany released video footage of children playing soccer in what looked like a summer camp. This footage is on public record. Of course, you would not agree that that represented what was happening even in the most far fetched of ways. There’s nothing real about Hollywood.


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