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Video: Psalm 140 with a Beat

Chasidic rapper Ari Lesser sings his unique take on Tehilim Chapter 140, accompanied by a rhythmic reggae beat.


  • 1. continue to spread light wrote:

    what great zchus and merit to make this perek relevant to the many who would otherwise have remained ignorant of the great message of this perek.continue to use your own unique talents to bring light……………….

  • 3. Best comedian ever!!!!!! wrote:

    This guy is really funny, his ridiculous lyrics and dance moves put a smile on my face every time he puts out a new skit!!!
    Maybe he should get a haircut, I think he might be a bad role model for my kids….

  • 6. From what I know wrote:

    I think this guy took on being a nazir – so he doesn’t cut his hair at all.

  • 7. Not a model wrote:

    Ari maybe a good Jew but not a model for a chosid
    His song do not inspire good midos

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    leave the guy alone.
    His messages are amazing
    so he has long hair..
    doesn’t everyone have at least one chisorin?
    and maybe he does not consider this a chisorin..
    allow him this one and we’ll all tolerate yours too.


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