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Music Video: By Your Side

Singer Shaindel Antelis stars in this stirring music video, which was filmed for her hit song ‘By Your Side.’ The song bears an inspirational message for young Jewish girls.

Please note: This video contains ‘Kol Isha’ and is intended for the viewing of women and girls only.


  • 1. just a thought wrote:

    sorry its like placing meat in front of a lion and telling him not to touch
    really this is a public forum and there is alot out there to tempt people. why is this here? just a thought

  • 3. Another thtough wrote:

    People who can’t handle temptation should not have a computer or get out of their house.

  • 4. hmmmm wrote:

    sorry folks . 2 and three that is not an answer there are many secure women’s sites that could have advertised this well and given her the exposure in a discreet and productive way. i agree with number one.

  • 5. shimshon wrote:

    wow 2 and three that is dafkah why this should not be here. today’s generation sees the kol isha sign and then goes for it!! LOL!!

  • 7. Huh? wrote:

    Guys, does being frum also mean you have to be brain dead? Someone who doent have a problem with ‘kol isha’ can go on youtube and find 10 million music videos in 2 seconds. The last place that will be ‘machshil’ him is this website!


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