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ENDED: Simchas Beis Hashuevah Hakhel Gathering

A mass gathering – arranged in conjunction with the schools and Shuls of Crown Heights – for the entire community, in honor of Hakhel. The event is being broadcasted live here on beginning at 7:30pm.


  • 2. thank you wrote:

    Thank you Mr. Choni Milecki for arranging this event; I am watching it online in a different city. May we have you singing in the Bais Hamikdosh tonight! Happy Hakhel!

  • 5. Thank you wrote:

    Beautiful Hakhel gathering.

    Best parts IMHO were:
    The Rebbe
    Avi Piamenta’s talk
    Chaim Fogelman

    For an even better experience next time:
    1. Eliminate the “disco” effects.
    2. Provide song subtitles so crowd can sing along.


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