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Video: Texas Head Shliach Visits Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz

The head Shliach of Texas, Rabbi Shimke Lazaroff, sings ‘Mir Zainen Shluchim fun Rebbin’ during a bedside visit to Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, Shliach in Temecula, California, who is battling ALS.


  • 1. Texas Proud wrote:

    Rabbi Lazaroff is a special man. Wishing Rabbi Yitzi a complete and miraculous recovery!

  • 2. Thank you wrote:

    This visit and all visits are so important.
    May we all Take See the Geula Hashleimo Techef Umiyad Mamosh.

  • 3. Appelbaum wrote:

    may god almighty make a miracle and cure Yitzy of his illness immediately!

  • 5. Very Emotional wrote:

    Tears of emotion to watch the pure ahavas yisroel, Chassidim ayn mishpocho is not an empty phrase. Refuah shleima nisis miyad!
    The King is on the way out, let’s remeber to ask for a gut gebetched geulah protis for Yitzi, Aron Laizer and anyone else who needs it.

  • 6. its very hard to watch wrote:

    What most dont realize is that yitzi when he was healthy was an unbridle bundle of energy! To watch him go thru this “test” is heartbreaking. Back in the day if he was in room with a chosheveh yid like Rabbi Lazaroff he would be singing and dancing to the rafters! I try to not to be negative but watching him there only able to move his eyes and some facial muscles is to much. Hashem enough is enough!

  • 7. MOSHIACH NOW wrote:

    very moving.
    What are the words of mir zeinen shluchim tzum rebben?

  • 8. sw wrote:

    Rabbi Yitzi
    wishing you a complete refuoh sheleima.
    You are a true chosid, a genuine Jew.


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