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Video: See it Differently

Initiated by Friendship Circle’s teen friends who cultivate friendships with children who have special needs. Their special friends inspired them to create this film, teaching us how wrong we are when we stereotype based on first impressions.


  • 2. very nice wrote:

    so true, never judge a book by its cover
    its so easy to destroy and condemn someone who you do not know

  • 6. Nice but.... wrote:

    I really enjoyed it. I wish people could look past first impressions, but if it’s aimed at a frum community why the untznius clothes? Our kids may wear uniforms but the labels stick. Friendship circle is an awesome organization! Could we have a video aimed at our kids?

  • 9. looker wrote:

    the torah comes first so dress the way you should do friend ship

  • 10. to #6 wrote:

    Who says this is aimed at a frum community? It seems to be aimed at the way people, including teens, look at teens. Not everyone who works for Friendship Circle is frum, or even Jewish. From their website: ” Do you have to be Jewish to participate in programs?
    Though its inspiration and roots were planted in the local Jewish community, the organization was created for the benefit of All people regardless of race, religion and creed. Our volunteer club, family memberships and community of supporters are composed of people with diverse backgrounds; all working together to better the lives of children with special needs”

  • 11. rbts wrote:

    thanks for reminding/teaching us about the true way to look at another. Its not just “nice”, its the only way to conduct ourselves in HaShem’s world.
    thanks also for posting information about Mental Health issues, peopel are talking about it alot, we need to alert and educate people about the dangers of the various meantal health conditions, which could help many people from suffering


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