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Music Video: Celebrate

This new song from Jewish music star duo 8th Day, titled ‘Celebrate,’ will have you on your feet dancing and singing joyously along. It was released just in time for Lag Ba’omer, when the custom to refrain from listening to music during Sefirah is put on hold.


  • 3. go 8th day wrote:

    Wow amazing, outstanding!! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the new album

  • 4. dancer wrote:

    those dancer’s are really good. why has the style of video clips become that each scene is only seconds long? isn’t this contributing to a frustrated, frazzled brained generation? let us watch them dance a bit longer instead of switch switch switch. as chassidim shouldn’t we be using chochmah to influence the trends? especially when you have such a professional quality product!

  • 6. Ta wrote:

    … because the attention span of the current generation is, um,

    oh look, a squirrel!


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