Anti-Semitic Mob Storms Synagogue in London

A group of approximately 20 youths attacked a synagogue in the London borough of Stamford Hill over the weekend, yelling “we will kill you,” beating worshipers and vandalizing property.

From the Jerusalem Post:

One witness belonging to the “Ahavat Torah” congregation described the mob as shouting “we will kill you” as they proceeded to physically assault the worshipers inside the synagogue and tear apart prayer books.

Another Jewish local who had passed by the scene rushed inside, grabbing one of the suspects with the intention of bringing him to the police, but was quickly overwhelmed by the other attackers and suffered strikes to the face, losing a tooth.

Police confirmed that they were treating the attack as an anti-Semitic incident. Police were called to the scene early on Sunday morning, just after 1 a.m. local time, when a group of intoxicated men, believed to have come from a nearby party, tried to gain entry into the synagogue.

One man suffered injuries while trying to prevent the men from entering. Some of the group did succeed in entering, eventually being removed by security staff.

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Warning: The following video contains violent images and vulgar language. Please view at your own discretion.


  • 1. YMSP wrote:

    770 is a miniature of the whole world, umimena teitzei orah. Vhamaivin yovin.

  • 2. JEW wrote:

    It’s 1930’s
    again, Jews are being attacked just because we are JEWISH!
    This time in a nice Shull in my neighborhood that i grew up in.
    The same attitudes that led to the Holocaust, are apparent again, and yes
    Anti Israel is anti semitism!!!
    And those that attack us are NAZI ISLAMIC MURDERERS!!!

  • 3. Just saying... wrote:

    Please advise that this is NOT for young children to watch.

    The language is extremely vulgar and the dress of some of the participants in this fight is as well.

  • 4. Uncle Mendel wrote:

    I would supply weapons to every Shull in Europe. And train shull members on how to use them.
    What about “Never again” ????

  • 5. Locked and Loaded Lubavitcher wrote:

    A shame that they didn’t try this in my shul, we could have made quite an example out of them for the world to see………

  • 6. ITS TIME wrote:

    Its time people walk around with a gun. and in such a situation shoot to kill.

  • 7. to #2 wrote:

    This has nothing to do with muslims, these are white trash nazis thst are coming in to our place

  • 8. Joseph (Cozumel) wrote:

    Would love to kill these animals! Does anybody know if they were Muslims?

  • 10. No police? wrote:

    I don’t understand why the police weren’t there immediately. This video is over 2 minutes long and it looks like the attack went on much longer than that.

  • 11. with the old breed wrote:

    krav maga anyone….there are classes now in BP men only…hey how about CH….it will help your body and soul.

  • 12. London Police wrote:

    Y weren’t the police called immediately ? If this was in Bklyn or L.A. the police would b there in a 2nds. What’s wrong with these ppl u call the London Police right away. My brother told me it was on Fox news as well.

  • 13. Shmira wrote:

    What about the Stamford Hill Shmira or Shomrim y weren’t they called in addition 2 the London Police, the whole story y they were fighting these white trash anti Semites Doesn’t Make sense

  • 14. 123456 wrote:

    these people try to attack a synagogue let them have it every synagogue should have a man with a gun or a Taser to get these people what does Cameron say


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