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Suspicious-Looking Men ‘Scout’ Flatbush Synagogues

On Shabbos afternoon, two ‘Middle Eastern’ men were caught on surveillance video attempting to break into two Shuls in Flatbush. The men were also seen looking at the surveillance camera and attempting to take pictures of the building.

The first break-in attempt occurred at Beth Torah synagogue on Ocean Parkway at around 4:15 p.m. The men left after a security guard spoke to them.

About an hour later, the men were seen in front of another nearby synagogue, Congregation Bet Yaakob.

Officers from the NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau guarded the synagogues Sunday morning.


  • 1. Sim wrote:

    What was the conversation with the security guard? Thats a big key in the investigation – I am sure.

  • 2. World gone mad! wrote:

    Unfortunately, the good have to suffer for the sins of the bad. But it should be no surprise why radical Islam is gaining in popularity.

  • 3. World gone mad explained wrote:

    I forgot to explain what I mean by,”World gone mad.”
    An Imam told an American radio host, visiting France, this:
    “What does a Moslem see in Western Society? DECADENCE! Every sin and vice is condoned and even promoted. Worse yet, if you speak out against it, you are castigated as a ‘racist, homophobe; lose your job; etc.’ You think we are going to assimilate with you, NO WAY!”

    Does this explain the rise of radical movements, not just Islam?

  • 4. non lubavitcher wrote:

    Apparently the police have ascertained that the men meant no harm per vousizneias


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