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Video: The Kosher Super Bowl Halftime Show

Chabad of Mineola has released a pre-game 2015 Kosher Super Bowl Halftime Show. Hosted by Rabbi Anchelle Perl, the Kosher Halftime Show offers humor and meaningful upbeat insights into Sports Spirituality & Spaghetti!

Rabbi Perl exchanges his black fedora for a white football helmet, long enough to share inspiration, wit and four suggestions in transforming the Super Ball Game into a longer lasting lesson in the “Game of Life” and becoming that successful “Quarterback” in life’s goals.

“This is a great opportunity to bring holiness, a focus on brochas on food, remembering those less fortunate and to know we can take a lesson in life in the service of Hashem,” notes Rabbi Perl.


  • 3. Henya wrote:

    Thanks so much for all the time and effort that went into producing this. We certainly had a good laugh.

    Even though we live in Montreal (the frozen chosen), we too have a super bowl party. Not sure however, that this will go over well with da boys. We’ll try.

  • 6. Zelig wrote:

    I watched the above clip and answered the questions correctly. Rabbi Perl will be sending me some sort of of prize not sure what ii will be yet. Just wanted to say thank you to Rabbi Perl and to wish him much hatzlacha to him and his family.


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