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Video: The Disturbing History of Al Sharpton

Conservative blogger and commentator Andrew Klavan takes a look at the disturbing history of Al Sharpton, and wonders how he became a black leader.

You may recognize Klavan from a previous video of his which we posted here on, his one-state solution for the Middle East problem, which went viral and garnered over a million views.

Warning: The following video contains content which may not be suitable for children. Please view at your own discretion.


  • 1. not surprised wrote:

    he became a leader because they all believe in the same thing as he does

    53% of whites voted for obama but 93% of blacks voted for obama

    and they call the whites raciest?

  • 2. Milhouse wrote:

    Every time someone refers to this menuval as “the reverend Al Sharpton” it legitimizes him. He is not reverend, he is despicable. If one feels the need to mention a title with his name, one should refer to him as “the despicable Al Sharpton”.

  • 3. Jessie Jackson Y"S wrote:

    What about Jessie Jackson Yimach Shmo is no better than AL Jerk Sharpton


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