Videos: The Inspiring Speeches

From the opening remarks by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, to the reflections by Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, through Yuli Edelstein account of the Chabad underground and concluding with the keynote address by Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov. presents the inspiring speeches in their entirety.

Opening Remarks by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky:

Reflections from Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky

Yuli Edelstein: The Unsung Heroes of the Chabad Underground in the Soviet Union

Keynote Speaker: Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov

Shluchim Roll-Call

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  • 1. Zalmy Schapiro father of Levi Yitzchok a' h wrote:

    I saw it on broadcast live all did excellent job keep up the good work you should go from strength to strength happiness and successful


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