Weekly Dvar Torah: Rejoice The King is Smiling

We all know the parable that the Alter Rebbe gives in Likkutei Torah about the month of Elul, where he compares our relationship with G-d to a king who is approaching the capital, when all the residents, his subjects, flock to the outskirts of the city into the field to welcome the king.

At That time all citizens without exception are able to approach the king and he greets them with a smile and he looks at each person favorably.

Then when the king goes to enter the city, all those who came out to welcome him in the field, join him as he enters the city.

When the king enters the palace, one can no longer join the king, only the privileged citizens and aristocrats can see him by appointment.

Seems like the idea is that during Elul G-d is a lot more accessible than He will be on Rosh Hashana, the day of judgment.

It’s fascinating how the Rebbe dissects this parable to the last detail, this should infuse us with a jolt of energy and excitement to utilize these days to its utmost.

The people who go out to the field are the capital city dwellers, they are the ones who are the insiders.

Every Jew has a Neshama which is a part of G-d, this makes a Jew privileged to G-d from the get go.

While in the field the king is accessible by all without protocol, not in dress or in status, the king accepts them as they are dressed and working in a field.

Every Jew regardless of his status or level of service of Hashem in day-to-day life, is able to see and be seen by G-d.

The king greets them all and smiles at them and looks at them favorably.

Hashem looks at every Jew and smiles, saying, now is the time when you can ask for whatever you want and whatever you need, and I will listen.

Finally, when the king returns to his palace, all the city dwellers join him in the procession entering the city, and being privileged they follow him back to the palace.

The Jewish people who are the original city people, a part of G-d, join Hashem as He returns to His palace to be crowned King on Rosh Hashana.

This takes the whole Mashal = parable to a new level, if in the original parable it seems like this is a temporary state, when the simple folk can meet the king and get a smile out of him, the Rebbe says that there is no such thing as simple folk by Hashem, to Him we are His aristocrats always.

In the field there is no need for an appointment, there is no requirement to follow protocol, you are able to meet the king as is, in whatever state you are at this moment, and G-d will smile at you and listen to your requests favorably.

It’s all ups, without any downs.

This happens during the entire month of Elul, how much more so on the 15th of Elul, when the full moon is blazing, the full glory of the month, when the connection of Hashem to us is the strongest, we feel the affection from Hashem to us even in the field.

The 15th is when Tomchei Tmimim was established 125 years ago, the camp where the soldiers to bring Moshiach are trained and readied for their mission, for sure this strengthens the energy of the month of Elul in its most powerful form.

Finally we have, the 18th = Chai Elul, which means life, this is the day that infuses life into the entire month and the Avoda of Elul, this gives us a blast of energy to feel the love of the king who will listen to, and grant all our wishes.

Take advantage of these glorious happy days, rejoice at the closeness to G-d, and return with G-d to His chambers on Rosh Hashana, and you will be blessed with a Happy and Healthy good year, materially and spiritually.

Have a smiley of a Shabbos,
Gut Shabbos

Rabbi Yosef Katzman

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