“Bni Atah” A Song Starring Shaya Lebron

Shaya is bringing something new and fresh to the music arena, something that wasn’t here until now, that something is Shaya’s very unique voice, therefore Shaya is giving us a little taste and is releasing this as his official first debut.

Listen to Bni Atah a composition by Yiddy Bialostozky, a song filled with emotion, a song that’s heartfelt & soulful, Shaya and his producer Yossi Shick had picked this one after going through lots of different songs, I’m sure you’ll pick this one too for your favorite song of the year.

Music was arranged by a very talented young musical dude, a very good friend of mine Yanky Ciment that honestly outdid it over here with every aspect of the song.

Listen and Connect as you let Shaya enter the strings of your heart!

Produced & Directed by: Yossi Shick
Composed by: Yidi Bialostozky.
Music Arranged by: Yanky Ciment.
Drums: Avi Avidani
Guitars: Nachmen Dreier
Bass: Yossi Moseson
Vocals Recorded EQ Studios Israel, Engineered by Yanky Braun @ Chassidimlech Studios, Engineered by Yanky Ciment @ MG Studios, Engineered by Motti Gantz.
Choirs Arranged & Conducted by: Yossi Gluck, Recorded Shevach Studios.
Kids Choirs: Shir Vshevach.
Conducted & Arranged by: Chaim Meir Fligman, Recorded Master Studios.
Mixed & Mastered by: Chaim Gottesman.
Cover Artwork by: ArrangeIt.Media.
Digital Marketing: Motty Klein • @MusicOnTime

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