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Clouds and Fire Protect Jews

The Jews’ journey through the wilderness is both surprising and confusing. Dr. Kareem Abdul Jabar, a famous Egyptian meteorologist (who happens to be a super basketball player) expressed his amazement: “A desert has extreme temperatures. We are witnessing an entire nation, millions of people with very few supplies, safely travelling by foot through the wilderness! It’s unbelievable!” Yankel Shmerel Shmeterstein (who BTW is a terrible basketball player) explained, “What’s the question?! Our G-d, HaShem, provides us during the boiling, shmoiling day-time with fluffy, giant cloud protection, and during the freezing nights out comes a pillar of fire! What a pleasure! A Mechaya!”

Women Dance at Sea Shore

After the “Splitting of the Sea,” a spontaneous dance party broke out among Jewish women. “We are filled with gratitude to HaShem,” gushed Miriam, sister of Moshe, who led the dancing and singing. “Sing to HaShem for He is great.”

“Luckily, we came prepared to celebrate,” added Yehudit from the tribe of Yehuda. “Our tambourines have been waiting in our sacks for this very moment!”

Sea Splits as Jews Flee Egyptian Army

No sooner than six days after the Jewish former slaves left Egypt, King Paraoh had another change of heart. (What else is new?) The king himself led his army of 600 chariots to chase them. Stuck between the sea and the Egyptians, the Jews panicked, and split into different groups with differing opinions.

“There’s no choice! We’ve got to go back to Egypt!”

“Back to Egypt?! forget it! Let’s throw ourselves into the sea instead!”

“No way! Never! we’ll fight the Egyptians right here and now!”

“At a time like this, the only thing to is pray to G-d to save us!”

Taking charge, Moshe, leader of the Jews, announced, “Hashem will fight for you and you have only to remain silent!”

The sea then split and the Jews were seen crossing safely on dry land. After they crossed, the Egyptian army entered the sea in pursuit.

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