“Yeilchu Mechayil” an EDM Remix By Mendel Markel

Singer, producer and composer Mendel “Der Baal Menagen” Markel released a new single. The track is an EDM Hard Dance version of “Yeilchu Mechayil”, the song for the Rebbe’s Kapitel 84, which he says he was inspired to make after seeing an update post about Yudi Dukes on Instagram.

“Scrolling through Instagram, I spotted a post with an update on Yudi. Of course, I stopped to read, like many of us who are following his progress, davening and taking on hachlotos in the zechus of a speedy refuah sheleima. The post detailed the progress made, as well as the challenges still ahead. Looking at the picture, I was struck by the huge, joyous smile of total Simcha on Yudi’s face. Every picture I see, there is that huge smile, as if things could not possibly be better. As I commented on that post, seeing that smile, I couldn’t help but think of the nigun “Yeilchu Mechayil el Choyil”, the idea of using every challenge to bring us one step closer to the revelation of Moshiach Tzidkeinu. I decided then to record this nigun in his honor. May Yudi Taakeh go from strength to strength with a speedy and complete refuah and may we all dance together in Yerushalayim IHA”K together with Moshiach Tzidkeinu NOW!!!”

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