8:00pm: What Attitude Should We Have to the Government’s Enforcement of Health Measures in Orthodox Jewish Communities, and to the Protests and Mask Burnings in Response? Are Jews Being Unfairly Targeted?

The topics in this week’s 327th episode of the highly acclaimed MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include:

Chassidus Applied to the post holidays

Lessons from Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan and Parshas Noach

Which health guidelines should we be following today according to the Torah?

With conflicting messages coming from different sources about our behavior during these times, what and who should we believe?

What attitude should we have to the government’s enforcement of health measures in orthodox Jewish communities, and to the protests and mask burnings in response? Are Jews being unfairly targeted? If yes, what should we do about it?

What higher message is there to be learned from the confluence of chaos happening now in so many areas – from the pandemic to the political, racial, economic etc.?

Chassidus question: What is the significance of saying v’yaakov holech lidarko at the end of the Tishrei holidays?

2020 MyLife: Chassidus Applied Essay and Creative Contest: 2nd place winning essay and creative

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