New Song, “Bad Days” by Yosef David

A young, up and coming musician and singer, Yosef David has released a new song called Bad Days.

Previously, Yosef David had released a song titled Raging Waters, based off of a maamar. His new song speaks of his internal struggles as he deals with his personal relationships.

He released the song with this personal message:

I wrote this song around 3 years ago. At that point I was working on relationships between family, friends and myself. Every day I was striving to improve my daily schedule and keep a positive mindset. But still, I always had, “bad days” like most of us humans do. Dwelling on those bad days makes me doubt myself, my direction, and makes me feel like my whole life is deteriorating. This song is about learning how to “let emm go and let emm slide” day by day, recognizing there’s a tomorrow to move forward to, and just being grateful for all the good we have.

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