Video: Is the Entire Torah an Analogy?

We know that we celebrate the giving of the Torah on Shavuos, and that chassidus teaches us to truly cherish the value of Torah. But why? Is it fair to say that the entire Torah is an analogy?  Rabbi Yisroel Glick answers these questions in this clear, concise, and engaging video that’s only 2 minutes long.


  • Very nice.

    Excellent video. Can you please make the background music a little lower. Several times the music drowns out Yisroel’s voice.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • If

    If the entire Torah is an analogy, then what do we do with the concept that the Torah is literal? Do we just throw that concept away?

    Also, what about archaeology that proves things stated in Torah?

    • Watch the video...

      It seems that you likely did not take the 2 min to watch the video or you would probably now have that question.

  • From "If" to #3

    Your conclusion is mistaken. I listened to and watched it twice.
    The only hint of an answer I got was when Rabbi Glick says “FOR HASHEM” it is an analogy. THAT I get. And I get his explanation of why: “FOR HASHEM” it is an analogy — so that it can be grasped by us (as we learn in chassidus).
    My question is a different one: FOR US, is it an analogy?
    Then, if so, what do we do with archaeological proof of things from Torah, and with the concept that the Torah is literal?

    • to #4

      The fact that Torah is an analogy does not detract from the fact that it is also literal. It does not suggest anywhere that it is only an analogy, just that it is an analogy which it is, in conjunction with the literal meaning as well