Video Playlist: The Rebbe Celebrates His Birthday

On his birthday, one should spend time in seclusion. He should recall his experiences and think deeply into them. He should then repent and correct those (of his past deeds) that need correction and repentance. ~ Hayom Yom, 11 Nissan

One’s birthday is a time to reflect. As Chassidim, the Rebbe’s birthday is a time for us to reflect on our connection to him.

Throughout the years, the Rebbe would mark his own birthday by requesting from his followers to make new commitments in his merit. Whether it was opening a new Chabad House or resolving to lay Tefillin every day, the Rebbe’s birthday was always an opportunity for all of us to grow.

As we pray to be reunited with the Rebbe to yet celebrate 115 years since his birth, we look towards the Rebbe’s own words for guidance and inspiration as we mark this day.

Presented here is a beautiful collection of clips from 11 Nissan throughout the years, courtesy of JEM:

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