Video Playlist: Purim with the Rebbe

Chassidim always felt privileged when granted the opportunity to spend Purim with the Rebbe. No matter the year or the specifics of the time, Purim in the Rebbe’s presence was always a memorable experience.

From the reading of the Megillah to the general atmosphere which prevailed, from the times when the Rebbe distributed L’chaim to the energetic enthusiasm displayed during Niggunim, the Rebbe uplifted the Chassidim throughout.

Here JEM presents a beautiful playlist that hopefully captures a taste once more of Purim with the Rebbe.

One Comment

  • Yossel

    It almost breaks my heart when I think about the early days when everyone was so enthusiastic and hopeful for the future, we were going to spread Yiddishkeit to Yidden everywhere and Moshiach was going to come in the blink of an eye.

    Getting a Shlichus position was easy, almost expected of each Chossid. Tens of thousands of Jews were waiting to touch their heritage and return to Yiddishkeit.

    Well now it’s 50 years later and we are still in golus, and it seems everyone is only thinking about one thing…$$$$$$$$