8:00pm: What Are the Three Greatest Challenges Facing Our Community Today?

This week’s edition of MyLife: Chassidus Applied with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, Episode 142, will air tonight, Sunday, here on CrownHeights.info, beginning at 8:00pm. This week Rabbi Jacobson will address the topics: What Are the Three Greatest Challenges Facing Our Community Today? How Has Chassidus Evolved Over the Past 218 Years? If G-d Failed Me, Why Should I Trust Him? Should Political Differences Be a Factor in Choosing a Mate?

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218 years passed since the Alter Rebbe’s release from prison and start of the new era of spreading Chassidus. Can you please give us a panorama of how Chassidus has evolved over the past seven generations from 1798 until now?

G-d clearly failed me; why should I trust him then? I know that we are supposed to believe that G-d’s reasoning supersedes our understanding and there’s a master plan that’s beyond us, but if my greatest fear is suffering, and all I keep getting is more suffering, then G-d’s “greater plan” is totally meaninglessness to me. Why can’t it simply be my bad luck, and nothing more?

I’m dating someone who has completely different political views than I do. I don’t know if I should consider this something that could jeopardize any future of a relationship. We are similar in other ways, and I like him, but should I take this difference seriously? The nature of politics usually is one that tears people apart if they can’t agree, so I’m left to wonder if our opposite views should be a reason for concern?

Over the past month MyLife has posed a question to the public asking people to identify the three greatest challenges facing our community today. We have received much feedback from our listeners. In this episode, in honor of Yud Tes Kislev, we will share the intriguing responses that have come in, with the obvious objective to explore ways of resolving these issues.

In addition to these topics, Rabbi Jacobson will also review the following essays submitted in this year’s MyLife: Chassidus Applied essay contest: “The Power of the Feminine” by Moriah Pugatch, “Confidence from Within” by Mendel Erlenwein, and “ Nature Unmasked” by  Yosef Yitzchak Klein. These and other essays can be read online at meaningfullife.com/essays.

And finally, the Chassidus question of the week: Can you please elaborate on how Chassidus explains olam chesed yeboneh, that the world was created with chesed. Why is chesed singled out when we know that the seven days of creation correspond to the seven emotional attributes – with the first day of creation corresponding to chesed, the second to gevurah etc.? How can the beginning of any notion of a world begin with chesed, when chesed itself is already a defined creation? Please share your insights.

This hour-long dose of insights is meant to inform, inspire and empower us by applying the teachings of Chassidus to help us face practical and emotional challenges and difficulties in our personal lives and relationships. To have your question addressed, please submit it at meaningfullife.com/mylife.

The topics in this Sunday’s hour-long broadcast will include:

  • Chassidus Applied to Vayeshev
  • Yud Tes/Chof Kislev: An overview of the seven generations of Chassidus from 1798-2016
  • What are the 3 greatest challenges facing our community today?
  • If G-d failed me, why should I trust in Him?
  • Should political differences play a role in determining whom to marry?
  • Is Tanya racist? Follow-up
  • The Founding Fathers and religion: Follow-up
  • Chassidus Question: Please elaborate on the concept of the world being created with chesed.
  • MyLife Essays: Nature Unmasked, The Power of the Feminine, Confidence from Within

In what has now become a staple in so many people’s lives, MyLife: Chassidus Applied addresses questions that many people are afraid to ask and others are afraid to answer. When asked about the sensitive topics he has been addressing, Rabbi Simon Jacobson commented, “I understand that the stakes are high and great care has to be taken when speaking openly, but the silence and lack of clarity on matters plaguing the community can no longer go unaddressed. The stakes of not providing answers are even higher.”

The on-going series has provoked a significant reaction from the community, with thousands of people viewing each live broadcast and hundreds of questions pouring in week after week. At the root of every question and personal challenge tackled by the series is the overarching question: Does Judaism have the answers to my personal dilemmas?

In inimitable “Jacobson-fashion”, the broadcast answers people’s questions in simple, clear language while being heavily sourced. Each episode is jam-packed with eye-opening advice from the Rebbeim, gleaned from uncovering surprising gems in their letters, sichos and maamorim that address our personal issues with disarming relevance. Simultaneously, Rabbi Jacobson is able to crystallize a concept quickly, succinctly, and poignantly for any level of listener.

All episodes are immediately available for viewing in the MLC’s archive and can be downloaded as MP3s for listening on the go.

Questions may be submitted anonymously at meaningfullife.com/mylife.

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