Video: The Rebbe on Choosing a President

With the American elections tomorrow and much confusion about how to vote, it’s as important as ever to remember what our focus needs to be, both in our own lives as well as when electing political leaders. JEM presents an excerpt of a Sicha from 1981 in which the Rebbe discusses what to look for when voting in a new president.

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  • 1. Picaboo Shimon wrote:

    Amazing sicha. Thank you for sharing this. Although im still confused who to vote for. Personally i dont see hillary or trump as the person who the rebbe says must inspire the population to be better people . but since we are a country that trusts in god then whatevers happens on election day will be what god thinks is best so we can all accept it and move on and continue trying to make our lives better spiritually and materially.

  • 2. Thank You Rebbe wrote:

    Only the Rebbe can make such a complex decision become clear with one essential element.

    That rules out Hillary who supports partial birth abortion, etc.

    Before Rosh Hashana – Trump asked Ivanka to pray for his presidency. I guess he trusts in G-d.

    • 3. Ch'er wrote:

      I guess for the sake of winning he wil play the role of a believer in G-d. Sure why not. If it will get him what he wants. No problem. Play a political game with god too. He’s kool with it.

    • 4. To Ch'er wrote:

      It takes one to know one.

      We see in others what we have inside ourselves.

      You are playing the role of a believer. Why?
      What political game are you playing?

  • 5. G-d mentioned at Trump rallies wrote:

    “I am proud to be an American… G-d Bless the USA”
    These are the words of the song that is played at Trump rallies as he enters and leaves the stage.

    Trump’s running mate Mike Pence speaks openly about his faith in G-d.

    Hillary has her gay-marriage and pro-abortion platforms. She doesn’t let G-d get in her way.

  • 6. Trump Asks for Prayers wrote:

    On Nov 6th, Trump was interviewed by CBN.
    He asked that everyone pray for him – for health and for guidance.

    What is in his heart? Only Hashem knows. What we know is that Trump has not lied to the public. In fact his greatest flaw in his campaign is that he keeps saying what he thinks. The tells the truth and refuses to be politically correct.


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