Video: Do Jews Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween seems like an innocent holiday not affiliated with any particular religion. Children (sometimes, adults too) dress up, give and get candy, and in general, just have fun. Is there any reason a Jew should not join in the revelry?

In this lecture, Rabbi Pinchas Taylor speaks about the origins of Halloween and how it evolved over the years.

Rabbi Taylor also explains our role as Jews; how our job is to illuminate the world, and not assimilate into it. Is it appropriate to celebrate a holiday that focuses on darkness and death and is the antithesis of the Jewish focus on light and life?

Rabbi Taylor concludes with practical advice about office holiday parties as well as guidance for teachers in the public school system.

Beyond Halloween, the lecture will provide a deeper appreciation of our special position – and responsibilities – as Jews in the world.

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  • 1. Rebbe's stand wrote:

    By now it is known what the Rebbe summed up that it is related to idolatry (see Toras Manachem-Menachem Tzion vol. II page 243)

    • 4. Milhouse wrote:

      What do you mean “even”? Why would anyone imagine that they of all people would celebrate it?

  • 5. Anonymous wrote:

    Did you guys even listen? It’s all about how Jews should NOT celebrate Halloween! Well said!

  • 6. correction wrote:

    cited earlier the Toras Menachem- Menachem Tzion vol. II page 243.

    correction: it’s page 343.

  • 7. Experienced mom wrote:

    Totally inappropriate. It would be enough to say its idolatry and explain the halochos of idolatry or what about it is worshipping idols. I don’t need to know all the customs involved with their pagan holiday. But I do need to know customs relevant to Torah living.


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