Gimmel Tammuz: A Time for Joy?

On the day of a Tzaddik’s Yahrtzeit, all the deeds that he performed during his lifetime shine brightly.  His teachings, commitments, and all his achievements are brought to bear in a special way. This is even more emphasized by the Rebbe; someone who dedicated his entire life to inspiring and uplifting the Jewish people in their service of Hashem.

This Shabbos, marking this day, is an auspicious time for those connected to the Rebbe, to pray for blessings of abundant and revealed goodness. Of course, the way to connect to the Rebbe, is to live and internalize his teachings and directions.

Since Gimmel Tammuz, we have witnessed the effectiveness of multimedia in preserving and furthering the Rebbe’s message. Through these photos and videos, we can share these experiences even with those who never saw or heard the Rebbe during his lifetime.


For many, the anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing elicits mixed emotions. In honor of Gimmel Tammuz, JEM presents an excerpt of a Sicha in which the Rebbe teaches that the way to mark a Rebbe’s passing. Namely, this is in the spirit which the Rebbe served God during his lifetime.



Besides for a beautiful playlist of videos on YouTube, JEM is offering unlimited access to the Living Torah app until Sunday night, complete with curated content appropriate for this day.

May we merit to not need to rely on these videos; may we be reunited with the Rebbe once again, with the arrival of Moshiach now!

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  • Yehoshua

    Likuttei Sichos chelek daled pg 1315 says: It’s understood that 3 Tamuz has — in may aspects — a greater joy than in 12-13 Tamuz. It also says there: Chasidim shall celebrate (לחוג) the day of 3 Tamuz. (See there in detail.)

    The “chasidisher hergeishim”, like those mentioned in this article, can be wonderful, but 1,000 hergeishim can never substitute ONE thing the Rebbe said.