Weekly Living Torah Video: Inviting Your Non-Religious Child to the Seder

Last week’s Living Torah brought us a touching clip of the Rebbe emphasizing the importance of ensuring that everyone has a Seder to attend. In this week’s video, the Rebbe explains the importance of this Mivtzah and what lessons we can learn from the Haggadah.

The Haggadah relates that “Torah speaks to four sons”. Although they are all different they are placed one beside the other to emphasize the innate value of each.

Even when his child is less than “wise,” a father must never give up on him. One must educate all of his children, and see to it that all four sons come to the table.

This goes beyond one’s own children. We must collectively ensure that every Jew has a place to call home on Passover, and by extension throughout the year.

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  • 1. CH'er wrote:

    Nebech so many in Crown Heights either don’t have a place to join, or some don’t even make a Seder,

    I ask of all C.H.ers please look at your neighbors, those who live in your buildings, your streets even basements, single ppl. many don’t want or ashamed to request,

    This has been a plea of the Rebbe every year, he requested pleaded and reminded us starting from many weeks before Pesach, please pay attention to those down trodden ppl that we ignore most of the year,,

    Chag Hapesach Kosher Vesameach


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