Weekly Living Torah Video: More Than What’s Just Possible

During Rabbi Moshe Orenstein’s tenure as mayor of Bnei Brak, Israel, he came to visit the Rebbe. Of the two topics he discussed with the Rebbe, the Rebbe’s responses wren’t not expected in either. As he would so often do, the Rebbe used both issues raised as opportunities to convey life lessons.

In this interesting clip, Rabbi Orenstein updates the Rebbe on his work as Mayor and his efforts to support the local Chabad community. The Rebbe responded with an answer that he often gave: While one should be proud of the work that he has done, he must never be satisfied.

Rabbi Orenstein then requests a blessing for his son who’d been in an accident. The Rebbe answered him with a blessing and a lesson, “A father must inquire about what is going on with his son. I trust that your son is doing the proper thing, but a father needs to concern himself with his son, no matter how old he may be.”

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