Weekly Living Torah Video: Hakhel in our Time

Much has been said over the past few months in relation to Shnas Hakhel. With all the Shturem however, many of us fail to grasp how passionate the Rebbe was in promoting and living it throughout the course of the year.

This week’s Living Torah program from JEM is all about this special year and what it means to us today.

Now, in times of Golus, although the commandment of Hakhel can no longer be fulfilled in its literal sense, the Rebbe taught us that it must continue to be fulfilled by us today. Each of us, men, women, and even young children, must try to influence our surroundings with the spirit of unity, fear of G-d, and joy.

While the Rebbe would speak to individuals in a host of different languages, it was very rare for the Rebbe to deliver a Sicha in a language other than Yiddish.

In this beautiful clip, the Rebbe addresses a group from the Machane Yisrael Development Fund in English.

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