Weekly Living Torah Video: The Role of Girls in the Army

Amid the ongoing debate surrounding the role of women in the military, JEM brings the Rebbe’s words on the topic.

“When it comes to a battle of life and death – and the battle against the evil inclination is a battle of survival – Jewish girls are equal members.”

The Rebbe emphasizes that “Jewish girls must know the great merit they have – not only for themselves and their friends, but that they also pave the way for the boys to accomplish what they have to.

Nowadays, a large portion of Jewish education is in the hands of women and girls, who educate and guide Jewish children, including boys, in the study of Torah and fulfillment of Mitzvos. It is they who are preparing “G-d’s Legions,” the children, to greet Moshiach.”


  • 2. Sedra Mishpatim wrote:

    In the pic of the video under the text of article the man with the blackish grey beard with the black glasses is Rav Schwei, don’t forget that was 35 years ago. Any date of this Farbrengen ? It’s 4 sure in Mem Aleph.


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