Weekly Living Torah Video: Moshiach – Pipe Dream or Reality?

The Rebbe constantly insisted on yearning for and demanding Moshiach’s coming, refusing to make peace with an imperfect world. As we begin the mourning period for the holy temple in “The Nine Days” JEM presents a short video collage on this theme.

This is a selection of brief encounters between the Rebbe and visitors to his home on 3 Av 5748 – July 17, 1988. The visitors have come seeking the Rebbe’s blessing and guidance, and each encounter has a reminder of or anticipation for Moshiach’s coming.


  • 1. Balei Batim wrote:

    At 1:09 you see younger Rabbi Zushe Winner introducing his Balei Batim

  • 2. Pinchos Woolstone wrote:

    nothing distracted the Rebbe from his mission.
    interesting to note the Rebbe stress Tisha b’Av as the birthday of Moshiach.


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