From Days Gone By: Celebrating the Rebbe’s Recovery

Reb Meir Harlig emcees one of the first annual Rosh Chodesh Kislev gatherings in 770, celebrating the Rebbe’s recovery after he suffered a heart attack on Simchas Torah, 5738 (1977).

Rabbi Harlig continues to lead the annual Rosh Chodesh Kislev Farbengen in 770 to this day.

At the head table, sitting from left to right, are Rabbis Osher Sosonkin, Shiya Korf, Avraham Drizin (Mayor), Uziel Chazanov, Dovid Raskin, Mordechai Mentlick, Mendel Futerfas, Zalman Shimon Dvorkin, Chaim Meir Bukiet and Zalman Gurary.

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    • 2. Exactly! wrote:

      yeh… sans any other crazy proclomations that distance other yidden from chabad… it is really the way it should have stayed, i agree.

  • 3. to no 2. wrote:

    The only thing that actually distances people from chabad is when people are consumed with gaava and llook for machlokes. If you would remember that the Rebbe is the meshaleach and not your own ckoach than you wont be turning people off! Like in Washington dc for example. You only need to work on ahavas yisrol and Hashem and our Rebbe will take care of the rest!!!!

  • 4. to no 2. wrote:

    And i guess you’re so smart you know better than the Rebbe! How many yidden were you mekarev?? The huge groups i see coming to 770 all have yechi on thei
    Yarmulke. Just wondering who turned them on to chabad??

  • 7. to no 2. and no 4 wrote:

    I actually feel sorry for you and your golus mindedness! Youre totally missing the mind! Youd do well to go to classes on geula and moshiach ans study!!


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