The Clouds Parted Just in Time

Every year, following Sukkos, Chabad of Rechavia in Jerusalem organizes a community-wide Kiddush Levana celebration, in compliance with the Rebbe’s directives on Parashat Noach, 1992.

This year’s celebration was planned for Motsoei Shabbos Parshas Lech-Lecha, at 7:00pm.

On Thursday, Rabbi Yisroel Goldberg received emails as to whether or not the event was still going to take place, due to a forecast of heavy rainfall over Shabbos. He assured everyone that they were going ahead with the event, regardless.

One hour before the end of Shabbos, the sky became unusually dark with clouds. By 5:00pm it began to pour. Everyone was certain that there’s no way there would be a moon at this year’s celebration.

After Shabbos, during the set-up preparations, the volunteers kept repeating that their work was in vain. Rabbi Goldberg kept reiterating the famous story that the Rebbe told of Reb Meir of Premeshlian, when he waved his handkerchief, and clouds moved aside.

By 6:30 a few people had begun to enter the Chabad Center of Rechavia, hoping that the event would still take place.

All of the sudden, at 6:45, all of the clouds moved aside, and the moon shone clearly (see photo below)! Everyone commented throughout the evening: It’s a true miracle! One of the Chabad House’s members, Yevgeny Epstein, exclaimed: Wow! I witnessed this myself!

Throughout the next few hours, many people kept coming, enjoying the explanations of the Kiddush Levana, and dancing, in honor of Kabolas Pnei Moshiach.

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  • Shluchim doing mofsim?

    Now that shluchim are doing mofsim – Do they also accepts PAN’s?

    • YES!

      I give my Shliach a PAN, ask him for a Brocha and get Lekach from him!

      So what is the big deal if a shliach makes a small mofes once in a while?!

      It happened in the Holy Land and with a Holy Rabbi at a Holy Place in the Holy City.