A Great Way to Commemorate Chof Av

Chof Av is the Yom Hilulah of the Rebbe’s father, Reb Levi Yitzchak.

Reb Levik and Rebbetzin Chana risked a lot and toiled greatly to make sure that Reb Levik’s novel insights in Torah would be preserved.Thanks to their perseverance we have Toras Levi Yitzchak, and learning it will most assuredly give nachas to his Neshama.

To this end Yagdil Torah has compiled a short booklet to be learned on his yahrtzeit. Included in this booklet are excerpts from Toras Levi Yitzchak, and the mishnayos that begin with the first letters of his name.

There are already thousands of people committed to learning the Kovetz this year on Chof Av; join them and become a part of this special Zchus.

Download the booklet click here (PDF)

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