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300 Expected at the JLI’s Crown Heights Shabbaton

Crown Heights residents and Shluchim are preparing for JLI’s annual Shabbaton, “Shabbat in the Heights” taking place next Shabbos, Parshas Acharei-Kedoshim.

Fashioned as a “mini-retreat” in the Rebbe’s shchuna participants from around the world learn the secret behind the energy and dedication of their local shluchim.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience the Rebbe’s shul, room, Ohel and home as well as the landmarks of Jewish life in Crown Heights including a women’s mikvah, a soferand the Rebbe’s Library. They farbreng with local personalities and hear from inspiring teachers and speakers.

Shluchim and their guests are registered from more than forty communities. They are coming from as far as France, Denmark and England as well as from all parts of Canada, California, Utah, Florida, Maryland, Connecticut and New York and many states in between.

One of the most inspiring aspects of the weekend, is the warm hospitality participants experience staying at families in Crown Heights. If you have the ability to host, please contact the JLI office at 718 221-6900.

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